Distance Selling Regulations We of course fully conform to the U.K. distance selling regulations but in addition, should any deposits be paid on a stock item and you decide that the purchase is not for you then you will get the deposit returned - no questions asked with a no quibble guarantee. We don’t have to try and sell our stock, they find themselves new homes!
As you browse, have a thought as to what 'job' you want your rocking horse to fulfil.   For instance - You would like a beautiful antique rocking horse but for the children to use?  Thatís fine but our advice would be this: it makes little sense to pay a premium for a horse suitable as a collectors piece if it is to be pressed into service and suffer the rigours of active, boisterous play. Not only will intrinsic value be diminished but the old glues and fragile components rarely survive the fresh activity. Better to buy a fully restored horse which can better field the new onslaught and usually obtain a few genuine battle scars on the way.
Buying a Rocking Horse - important considerations
However, If you want an antique which will perhaps hold its worth than go for a quality horse in original condition. Look around and ask questions of the vendor, usually if a horse can be positively attributed to a well-known maker that can be an advantage but in any case, go for quality. If you want a horse just to admire, {to usually satisfy a common and very old longing of 'never ever having one as a child' syndrome}, then go for a horse which 'calls' to you. Don't get hung up on size or maker, consider all as they all have merit.
Most importantly - TAKE YOUR TIME. Especially if you suddenly find yourself in the position of making that important first purchase. Look about - there are several specialist dealers selling period rocking horses of differing qualities, conditions and prices and it is so easy to lunge at the first half decent horse you see.  Be discerning!   Also, don't be stuck on a name, consider all, as there are some horses which are unattributed but are absolutely stunning. Sadly, you don't necessarily get what you pay for in some instances and DON'T be talked into anything. Believe it or not the horse for you will almost jump out at you when you see it and you will not have to be talked into buying it. When that happens you will have no doubt that is the horse for you. Finally, if at all possible go to view the horse as they can look entirely different from a photograph or two.  Usually they are much better in person {although some can be a lot worse}! Be warned - rocking horses are highly addictive and one is usually, never enough!